About Guardian Fence Suppliers

Charles “Chain Link Charlie” Weston, President and CEO of Guardian Fence Suppliers of SC, Inc. (GFS), has over 46 years’ experience as a manufacturer, fabricator, and contractor of fence and security products for the fence industry. He is a licensed general contractor, bonded and insured. Charles is also a member of the American Fence Association Hall of Fame, and has been a 4-term President of the Carolina Fence Association and 2-term President of The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute.

Guardian Fence Suppliers of SC, Inc., incorporated in 1981, is a manufacturer, fabricator, wholesale distributor, exporter, and a contract installer of a variety of fence products distributed regionally and nationally, and exported internationally. Guardian Fence Suppliers prides itself in providing a quality line of high security chain link and specialty wire products that meet government and industry specifications.

Guardian Fence Suppliers is the ONLY manufacturer of chain link, barbed wire and other wire fence products in South Carolina, and we are the leading manufacturer of Mini Mesh high security fence in the US.

Our quality, Made-in-the-USA fencing products are sold locally and to customers nationwide as well as internationally. We have decades of experience in handling large and small projects, and we’d love to work with you for all of your fencing needs. Please contact us if you have questions or would like a quote.